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Nanairo No Compass
Nanairo No Compass
Near a grand church was a cemetery. In an empty cemetery stood many gravestones of those of the dearly departed but one in particular stood out from the rest.
      A young woman with midnight black hair and amber eyes sat in front of the grey stone tombstone, a picture in the slot. It was of a man with about the same length hair as hers, down to her shoulders. Written on the stone was a small passage of honorable words.
‘Here lies Kyo Shinsetsu, a loving son and dedicated father.’
The girl tried to hold back her tears as flashbacks of her father’s last moments flashed in her mind before she brought a hand to her mouth. “I’m sorry, papa…I’m so sorry…” She whimpered. Before the tears fell, a voice echoed in the meadows of the dearly departed.
“Ahhh... only to you will it reach. The sound of this wind.”
The girl immediately snapped her head up. Was it really the voice of the person she l
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Attention going elsewhere... by Shugi-tanPocky Attention going elsewhere... :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 1 0 My little blonde plushie by Shugi-tanPocky My little blonde plushie :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 2 3 Uta No Prince-Sama: Kurusu Syo 2 by Shugi-tanPocky Uta No Prince-Sama: Kurusu Syo 2 :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 3 0 Gothic Lolita: Yamine Aku by Shugi-tanPocky Gothic Lolita: Yamine Aku :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 3 26 Kisshu, 3 years later (uncolored) by Shugi-tanPocky Kisshu, 3 years later (uncolored) :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 1 2 Uta No Prince-Sama: Kurusu Syo by Shugi-tanPocky Uta No Prince-Sama: Kurusu Syo :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 0 0 How to Screw up your Valentine's Day by Shugi-tanPocky How to Screw up your Valentine's Day :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 1 0
“Come here…I won’t hurt you.” I coaxed as I gestured her to come over. She hesitantly and slowly approached me and I cupped her face, petting her cheek. She seemed to sigh as she leaned into my hand and I continued onward. She seemed to enjoy it and a smile slowly grew on my face. In the back of my mind, I had to wonder…’was I always this good with animals?’ I thought as I looked at the cat that purred in happiness. Maybe, this little girl seems to think so.
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Sweet Dreams, Young Master by Shugi-tanPocky Sweet Dreams, Young Master :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 2 0 Good Night, Ciel... by Shugi-tanPocky Good Night, Ciel... :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 0 0 Deviantart ID 2 by Shugi-tanPocky Deviantart ID 2 :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 1 2
I walked through the cold frosty forest with the young earl, taking in the sights. Where I came from, we rarely ever had snow. Ciel thought that it was amusing how such a simple walk through the backyard of his mansion would make me happy. The snow had stopped falling, but it was still cold. I pranced around a tree while the earl stayed close behind.
“Hey…” He gestured to me. I turned around to see him holding a small box, neatly wrapped in red paper and green ribbon. “Ciel?” He coughed, clearing his throat, “I-I thought you should have this…I don’t give out presents often, so you’d better enjoy it.” He stuttered. I looked at the box and at the young Phantomhive…his cheeks were lightly tinted pink and I knew it wasn’t from the weather. “Ciel…” I started. I knew he didn’t show emotion to many, if any. So for him to give me this present is so unlike him, but I found it endearing nonetheless.
I acce
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Accept my gift by Shugi-tanPocky Accept my gift :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 3 8 Objection! by Shugi-tanPocky Objection! :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 2 3 Kurapica by Shugi-tanPocky Kurapica :iconshugi-tanpocky:Shugi-tanPocky 0 5
Beware! There's lots of random crap in here.


I'm going to quote Balatronical (Tumblr) here in my journal because they explained it pretty well. Basically, if you use Paypal, be aware of the address part. It can cause problems down the road.
Paypal changed the look of how you will fill out information and send money. Thus, you need to be super careful. Don’t go all willy nilly through and be like “Yeah yeah yeah send” you need to stop when you see this screen right away.
Before you proceed, you will first notice one major thing: your address is showing. What you need to do if you are ordering a DIGITAL WORK (aka, it is being sent to you via the interwebz) is you need to click on your address and there around be a drop down menu of 3 (or more) options:
No address needed
Your Current Address+ Add a new shipping address
Be sure to select “No address
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Yuri Lowell fanservice again by kuro-mai Yuri Lowell fanservice again :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 422 19 MGR Raiden - Hola by slifertheskydragon MGR Raiden - Hola :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 73 13
I'm a Snowflake Jack FrostXReader
It was thursday and you had been snowed in from school. You’d be happy on any other day, except today was Valentine's day.
It’s not like you had anyone to be with, you were single and lonely, but you’d have still liked to be around your friends who were also single. But no, Jack Frost had decided to shower all the kids in town with a ‘wonderful’ snow day.
Yeah, you knew Jack Frost, your young friend Jamie had made you believe. He’s so cute and adorable, his sister as well, if you were lucky sometimes, you’d babysit them. The only bad thing about that is that Jack Frost would be around almost always.
You didn’t get along well with Jack Frost, so him being the reason behind this unhappy day just made you loath him more. You never liked the tricks he would pull on you. Throwing snowballs at you, making you slip, dumping snow on you from tree branches. You would always yell at him and storm off. He wouldn’t be affected in the least, jus
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 380 114
Wipeout (Jack Frost x Reader)
    "You're a bloody basket case! How many times have I told ya ta stay outta the Warren?"
    "Relax, Bunny. It's not like I was doing any harm."
    "Ya froze all my blooming flowers, ya drongo!"
    You sigh, placing your pencil on your desk. There is no way you're going to get anything done, not with those two constantly arguing. Taking a deep breath, you stand up from your seat at your desk and irritably make your way to the Globe Room.
    You first met Jack a few years ago. It was wintertime, late at night some time in January. You were having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, young mind haunted by endless nightmares. You needed to do something, anything to get your worst dreams out of your head. So, you being the adventurous kid you were, you hopped out of bed and climbed out your window, careful not to wake up your parents.
    The moon made the snow under your boots sparkle like glitter. You had forgotten your g
:iconhermionefrost:HermioneFrost 454 66
Let It Snow [Jack Frost x Reader]
You stared at the thermometer on the wall across from you in dismay as sweat dripped down the contours of your face, over the swell of your nose and falling down into the carpet. The red bar was all the way up to a whopping 98 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 36 degrees Celsius—and it certainly was obvious with the air conditioning in your house being broken. Of course, the fact that said house always had something wrong with it and why your father had decided to drag your family out in the middle of nowhere was still a question you pondered about seven months after the move.
Wiping more beads of sweat from your flushed skin, (h/c) sticking to your forehead in damp clumps, you gave a small groan and fell back onto the couch in defeat. A fairly nasty heat wave had decided to stop by your area now that it was the middle of summer, correlating just perfectly with the sudden malfunctioning of your house's air conditioning. What made the situation even more lovely was the fact that your p
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 489 228
We're Gonna Play a Game by Amouranth We're Gonna Play a Game :iconamouranth:Amouranth 94 10 I remember now - I AM a Guardian by xHee-Heex I remember now - I AM a Guardian :iconxhee-heex:xHee-Heex 1,048 201 Jack Frost-Valentine's day by Lookplu8 Jack Frost-Valentine's day :iconlookplu8:Lookplu8 125 25 -Merry Christmas- (Jack Frost) by KT-ExReplica
Mature content
-Merry Christmas- (Jack Frost) :iconkt-exreplica:KT-ExReplica 208 138
Jack Frost - Let's have a little fun by stormyprince Jack Frost - Let's have a little fun :iconstormyprince:stormyprince 474 57 Little red riding hood steampunk by My Oppa by myoppa-creation Little red riding hood steampunk by My Oppa :iconmyoppa-creation:myoppa-creation 4,971 180 Venus 2 by WinnieDrew Venus 2 :iconwinniedrew:WinnieDrew 5 3 CUTE CAT AAAAH by LALASOSU2 CUTE CAT AAAAH :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 188 20 Slifer the Sky Dragon - Thunder by slifertheskydragon Slifer the Sky Dragon - Thunder :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 746 79 Look Bo-chan! by LALASOSU2 Look Bo-chan! :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 305 31




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Call me Shugi
United States
Name's Shugi-tanPocky or Shugi. Welcome to the page of a game, anime and pocky lover. You can visit my gallery full of random nonsense anytime or browse through some of my favorite artists! Thanks for coming and have a nice day!

Current Residence: USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium
Favourite genre of music: jpop, jrock, RnB
Favourite photographer: ...Any group of cosplayers and Bennie!
Favourite style of art: ANIME!!!
Operating System: Windows!
MP3 player of choice: meh. as long as it works
Wallpaper of choice: ...Please don't ask that...
Skin of choice: Um... Mine
Favourite cartoon character: *sweatdrop* I'll pass!
Personal Quote: You can get so much out of so little
So... I am really sorry about my absence on here. College took a serious U-turn and my personal life just took a major turn. I've got A LITERAL BOAT LOAD of things going on right now. Do I have stories? Yes. Do I have cosplays? Yes. Am I alive? Yes. Will I be able to get on here soon? Hopefully. That's the plan, anyway. I've been neglecting you all for quite some time and I'm very sorry but my personal life doesn't really do what I say. If it did, I'd be living in a mansion right now with a paid off car and sitting on a shit ton of cash. I hope to get back to you soon and maybe I'll be able to upload some stories later.


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